Textures by ARBORITE

Celebrate your surface with Arborite Textures. Encompassing everything from an organic wood grain to a luxurious stone to a modern lacquer, these finishes complement Arborite’s rich designs with luscious sheens, delicate beading, or subtle embossments.

Breccia (BC) Texture by Arborite

Breccia (BC)

Breccia is an embossed finish for Arborite’s high-pressure laminate panels.

Cashmere (CA) Texture by Arborite

Cashmere (CA)

A fine, matte texture finish for laminate with a slight sheen.

Diamond (DI) Texture by Arborite

Diamond (DI)

A fine beaded texture, perfect for minimizing smudges and finger marks on laminate surfaces.

Evergrain (EV) Texture by Arborite

Evergrain (EV)

A fine woodgrain texture with slight sheen.

French Polish (FP) Texture by Arborite

French Polish (FP)

A rich gloss and deep sheen that replicates the effects of the finest wood finish. French Polish (FP) is a popular special finish for Arborite’s high-pressure laminate panels.

Gloss (GL) Texture by Arborite

Gloss (GL)

A flat texture with a high sheen, for an appealing, contemporary laminate look.

Impression (IM) Texture by Arborite

Impression (IM)

A matte, pre-polish finish for those who appreciate stone’s essential nature.

Legno (LE) Texture by Arborite

Legno (LE)

Legno is a two toned finish with both matte and gloss features which resemble a wood veneer finish.

Laqwood (LQ) Texture by Arborite

Laqwood (LQ)

A slightly embossed wood-grain texture on the laminate surface.

Luminous (LM) Texture by Arborite

Luminous (LM)

A softly polished stone texture that displays the effects of gentle weathering. Luminous (LM) is a popular special finish for Arborite’s high-pressure laminate panels.

Metalux (MX) Texture by Arborite

Metalux (MX)

Metalux (MX) has a dimensional texture with finely abraded directional lines conveying the feel of brushed metal. This metal look and feel adds a contemporary, decorative metal look to Arborite’s high-pressure laminates.

Refined Matte (RM) Texture by Arborite

Refinned Matte (RM)

Refined Matte (RM) is a popular special finish for Arborite’s high-pressure laminate panels. It’s a smooth non-gloss finish resembling actual wood veneer.

Structured (SR) Texture by Arborite

Structured (SR)

A highly embossed linear texture suitable for woodgrains, solids and linear patterns.

Velvatex (VL) Texture by Arborite

Velvatex (VL)

A smooth furniture finish texture.

Vista (VT) Texture by Arborite

Vista (VT)

A polished, glossy stone finish with a lustrous look